GP RW Purfurvid Bazinga of Corsica
Brown Tabby & White Exotic Neuter

Father: GC Psymis Wuv Bug of Purfurvid
Mother: GC Purfurvid Ping

Born: March 9, 2012

In "Rascal's" very first and only show weekend, a 6 x 6 on the last weekend of the 2012-2013 CFA Show Season put on by Los Colores and Tonks West, he became a 3-RING GRAND PREMIER, as well as 24th Best Premier in the CFA Southwest Region!!!! A HUGE SURPRISE!!!

Thank you so much to my mentor, Diana Quintana, of Corsica Exotics, who owns and showed "Rascal." I got the honor to gift her with two Exotic males in 2012 when she decided she wanted a couple Exotics for companions again! I'm beyond delighted that she showed Rascal at our Region's last show weekend of the season and that gorgeous Rascal did so well!!!