Our Persians


After specializing in Persians for over 15 years, I began my Exotic breeding program in 2001. I currently specialize in Exotics so keep very few Persians. Those that I do keep are often from Exotic breedings, but I do still add the occasional Persian that's not. These are generally from some of the best Persian lines, since my goal is to produce Exotics that echo the quality of the best Persians. Since their beginnings, the Exotic was produced to be a "short haired Persian" and so I am commited to continue that intention.

Validian Morticia of Purfurvid — Thank you, Peter Rogers III, for this beautiful girl! She's so compact and wide! And what a sweety!!
Her mother is Windy Valley Dioressence of Validian, and her father is GC Tehy Bagheera of Windy Valley.
blue & white Persian
blue & white Persian
Misty Ridge Aggretsuko of Purfurvid — Thank you, Cindy Jett, for giving me the opportunity to encorporate some of your lines into my Exotics over the years! I feel extremely honored to get Aggretsuko and her dad, Misty Ridge Poker Face of Purfurvid, from you before you retired completely from breeding in 2019. Enjoy traveling and having fun!!