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Hello and Welcome to our online cattery of Exotics and Persians! My name is Jeanne Scholz-Snyder and my CFA registered cattery name is Purfurvid. I work as a Web Developer, am a wife and mother, and my hobby is my cats. I've been breeding and showing Persians since 1985 and produced my first Exotic litter in 2001. We reside in CFA Southwest Region 5 in Southern California.

I am extremely grateful to those breeders who've contributed their cats and/or mentorship during the more than twenty-five years I've enjoyed this hobby. Those breeders include Patricia Helmick of Larpa Cattery, Molly Sherrick of Beaudee Cattery, and Diana Quintana of Corsica Cattery. In addition to these wonderful women who graciously shared their advice, knowledge and beautiful cats, I would also like to thank my other dear friends who've also contributed to my breeding program with their cats or in some other way - Jan Chamberlain of Fancee That Cattery, Penni Richter of Parti Wai Ex Cattery, Cindy Jett of Misty Ridge Cattery, Michelle Miller-Whitford of Psymis Cattery, Tracey Dalton of Toxicate Cattery, Peter Rogers of Validian Cattery, and Christine Lee of Happy At Home Pet Care. In addition, I would like to thank Mats Palson and Anna-Lena Wester of Athelstones Cattery, Clydene Albrigo of Floricats Cattery, Lee Hong and Caroline Yu of Peking Cattery and Tatiana Malinina of Malinka Cattery for entrusting their cats to me and contributing to my program as well.


Exotic kittens Bjork and Luna
My daughter with two exotic shorthair kittens:
CH Corsica's Bjork of Purfurvid and
CH Corsica's Luna of Purfurvid


For more information about Exotic Shorthair cats (Exotics), sometimes referred to as The Lazy Man's Persian, The Working Woman's Persian or The Persian in PJs, please be sure to read the Exotic article at the Cat Fanciers Assocation Web Site. For more information on Persians, please be sure to read the Persian article there also.

Don't forget to check out our Care of Persian & Exotic Shorthair Cats page for cat care information and cat book recommendations.

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Animal welfare celebrates the bond between animals and humans;
animal rights seeks to sever that bond.

The Crucial Difference In Animal Welfare And Rights
Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

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